Castle Crashers Remastered Review

Sometimes in order to save your princess, defend your kingdom, and crash some castles, you will need to ride pooping powered deer to escape giant beasts. It’s all in a day’s work as a heroic knight. That’s Castle Crashers Remastered for the Xbox One and this is our review.



Castle Crashers Remastered is a colorful and beautiful 4 player 2D co-op, hack and slash, adventure game from The Behemoth. The story is a simple one. You head out after barbarians who have kidnapped princesses, fight through waves of pawns to finally meet the boss, defeat the boss, move on to the next stage. Wash, rinse, repeat. Please understand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially in Castle Crashers Remastered. We had fun playing together and were very entertained by the whimsical ways the adventure was presented. If it ain’t broke…


Castle Crashers Remastered, we will say, really shines when you play with friends. It is a very simple game as in picking up and playing because there will be times when the bosses will offer some challenge. You start out by selecting from a number of knights of different colors, each having a different powers. There are over 25 characters to unlock. As you play, you’ll be able to level up your character which will then allow you to learn additional combos. Also, with every level up, you’ll be able to assign points to your characters magic ability, defense, speed or agility, or your strength or health. Even better are the weapons that can be unlocked or found as you progress, which adds various attributes, and cute animal companions which also aid and assist you.


The game visually is eye popping with bright vivid colors and is wacky, cartoony and hand drawn. But know that it runs at a smooth 60FPS. Castle Crashers Remastered also offers other modes outside of just the campaign. You can try out the Arena mode which allows you to battle other players in free for all or team matches or the Back Off Barbarian game which has you jumping on different colored squares to avoid the enemies.
So, full disclosure, we did not play the original Castle Crashers which came out on the Xbox 360 some seven years ago and we know that there might be some discussions out there of even picking up the remastered version if you already had the original. Well, sorry we can’t speak on that, but we loved playing this game! Kind of wondering how did we miss the original back then.
Anyways, if you haven’t played Castle Crashers Remastered, do yourself a favor, grab some friends, invite them over for this fun co-op game, or meet them online and just have a blast playing through this game.

Disclosure: we were provided with a press copy of the game to aid in our official review. Our entire game experience was played on the Xbox One version of the game.

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