Candleman: The Complete Journey

Candleman: The Complete Journey, where 10 short seconds of Light can show you so much. Candleman: The Complete Journey will be bringing its light to Steam this January.

Developed by Spotlightor Interactive and published Zodiac Interactive brings a very unique game where you play as a little candle. You take the little candle on an adventure filled with light and shadow puzzles finding hidden treasures through a number of enchanted environments.


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  • Play as an unconventional flawed protagonist: a little candle who can only illuminate for 10 seconds.
  • Face unexpected and challenging obstacles which rely on light and shadow play.
  • Experience an immersive perilous gameplay environment.

Candleman: The Complete Journey launches on Steam with all the original plus DLC content included – telling the complete Candleman story. In addition, a new Time Challenge mode increases replayability as players race to top their scores. On the technical side, the enhanced specifications of today’s PCs allows for framerate optimizations, while increased resolutions up to 4k are now supported.

Candleman: The Complete Journey was successfully release on the Xbox One in 2017 and now will be releasing on Steam on January 31st. The Steam version will include the original content in addition to ALL of the downloadable content. Also, thanks to specific technical improvements, the PC version will benefit from framerate optimizations allowing for increased resolution up to 4k.

You can check out more information about Candleman: The Complete Journey on its Steam Page.



Source: PR