Black Video Game Characters: Lee Everett

Our final spotlight black video game character is Lee Everett.

Lee Everett is the player character and main protagonist of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season One, usually acting as the leader of the group of characters. While Lee’s personality is more or less up to the player, he is always independent, smart and caring for Clementine.

Prior to the outbreak, Lee was a professor who taught history for six years at the University of Georgia. He had a mother, father, and a brother living in their hometown of Macon, looking after their family business. He was also convicted for murdering a state senator who had an affair with his wife, and was going to serve a life sentence before the police car crashed. Later on, Lee finds out that he’s lost his entire family, at one point having to kill his own reanimated brother, making him the last surviving Everett.

While most of Lee’s major decisions are left up to the players (and much of his dialogue), based on the options given during interactive conversations and Lee’s response to certain events, it’s shown that he is a smart, reasonable, independent, nice but sometimes agitable person. This is reinforced by Doug/Carley’s statement that “everyone looks up to him,” voicing their interest in having him be the leader.

The characteristic Lee most commonly displays throughout the series is the ability to be caring and selfless, primarily portrayed in his relationship with Clementine, devoting most of his actions, and eventually his life, to ensuring her safety. While talking to the Stranger, Lee implies that he wanted to have children of his own, and this might be why he was willing to take care of Clementine, and/or that he made it his duty to do so since her parents no longer could.