Bad news for Gunman Clive 2…Sort of!

Listen to me carefully, the key to life is Patience. It has taken me a great deal of time and life experiences to really embrace that fact, but indeed patience is a virtue, and it’s one that many of us lack in today’s society. We get so annoyed with delays, especially at the airport. I guess that’s only human. But sometimes we fail to recognize that a delay can work in our favor. Case and point, Gunman Clive 2.

We’re sorry to inform you, but Gunman Clive 2 has been delayed! Yes, that is a bummer of sorts, but, like in most cases, there is a silver lining. Indie developer Bertil Horberg is delaying the release to fix the bugs in the game and deliver us a quality product. I’m sorry, but I am all in favor of delaying a product to make corrections and improvements. Let’s give this developer a break and allow him a few extra weeks free of hate mail or tweets. If you have played the original Gunman Clive, then you know he’s earned that lead way.

Still today, Gunman Clive is the best $1.99 I ever spent on an Indie title….easily! Click here to see why!

As you exercise patience, be sure to check out a sneak peak to Gunman Clive 2 below, then head on over to the Nintendo E-shop or your smartphone app store today to grab a copy of the original.

Great game!