Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist Review

RPG’s can sometimes get a reputation of being repetitive and grinding. To counter that stigma an entertaining storyline really helps. Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist delivers a great plot and engaging characters that make the game really enjoyable.

Developed byAmaranth Games and published by DegiGames Aveyond 4 is the most recent installment of the Aveyond franchise. The first exposure for myself but looking into the history of the game and the story behind it, there is certainly some history there. I am considering going back and taking a gander at all of the other games prior to Aveyond 4 just to see what I have missed. If you interested in learning more you can head over to the developers website to see a bit more about each of the games.

Now about Aveyond 4 Shadow of the Mist

In this Aveyond story we find Boyle Wolfsbane a known super villain who wanted to rule the world. However his attempts at world domination have failed. Miserably. Now he has been forced into retirement early, and spends his days arguing with haunted trees and scaring off the occasional knight. Y0u find him living in a village along side several other villains and his wife to be. After returning from an errand, Boyle discovers the village is covered in a mysterious mist, that could only come from Mist Mountain. He is sent up to discover what the problem is and resolve the situation. This trip send Boyle and his trusty companion Fang on a turbulent journey that seems awfully similar to the path a hero would take … not a villain like he is.

Aveyond 4 Shadow of the Mist 2

The character development and portrayal is what really kept this game interesting for me. The plot alone is really fun but the people really bring the game together and make things interesting enough to keep you around for me. I found myself drawn to really keep up with Boyle to see how the story would play out for him.


This adventure is really easy to pick up and learn. Similar to many RPG games it has a familiar layout and look to it. You rarely find yourself completely alone and you have the opportunity to play not only as Boyle but as some of the other characters you meet along the way. When you are exploring and not engaged in a battle you typically only see the main character and you are free to explore the area as needed. Each area has unique treasures hidden along the way as well as necessary tools and resources to move the story along.

You find your self making your way around various stages of the game and occasionally encountering a battle against the local foes of the land. You will know when you are about to encounter a battle as you see enemies moving about in certain areas. What I really like is when you come across a cluster of enemies you don’t have to be concerned about multiple battles in that one area, typically once the battle starts you are taking on all 2-4 of them at the same time in the turn based battle set up.

Aveyond 4 Shadow of the Mist 4

As expected as you progress through the game, conquering side challenges and battling random badies along the way, you and your party are leveling up and acquiring new attacks. You will notice that each different character possess their own unique skills and fire power. If needed you can re-arrange their battle formation to put stronger characters up front.


The graphic work in Aveyond 4  was well done. The entire game for me ran smoothly with no graphical hiccups. I really felt that the character artwork was well designed and really matched their personality. The sound track and effect again really added so the overall tone of the game. Each of the beautiful landscapes has their own track and sound effects.

Aveyond 4 Shadow of the Mist 1


If you want to know how much time to expect to play Aveyond 4, well it really varies and depends on your style. The baseline story of the game could probably be completed in about 8 hours, however there are several side quests and challenges you can take on along the way that could significantly increase the time spend playing the game.


If you enjoy a good RPG experience we recommend you try Aveyond 4. It has a great story that is well played out, the process of gaining experience and leveling up your characters is fairly easy and doesn’t feel like a grinding match. And the balance between exploration and battling is perfect.

Aveyond 4 is now available on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/433920/ for just $14.99.