Armillo Review and Recommendation

Why we think every WiiU owner should pick up Armillo for the Nintendo WiiU. Here is our Review and Recommendation.

I first heard about Armillo on Twitter a few months back from AE Games. As always, they were giving some Nintendo WiiU love to games that really utilize the use of the GamePad along with other Nintendo perks. I said to myself, I am going to enjoy this game. Here I am today, playing Armillo on a daily basis and living up to my word, this game is extremely enjoyable.

Armillo is a fun and very unique, rolling platforming game with a sci-fi parallel universe theme. The game features a massive amount of gameplay various elements. There is the regular 3D world with an evil parallel universe, bonus stages on the moon, and even special 2D speed-run inspired worlds.

The star of the game a special space armadillo named Armillo. He’s not your usual armadillo as he’s capable of blasting off to space in order to travel from planet to planet. He’s joined by his little blue critter friends and his brother. What’s supposed to be a peaceful galaxy becomes ruined by the invasion of the robotic Darkbots. Where are they from? Why are they here? But one thing is for sure, they certainly are not the friendly type.

The game starts off on a simple planet that gives you the freedom and ability to roll around and get used to how Armillo responds to the environment and controls. It doesn’t take much to pick up the simple maneuvering required to guide the little fuzzy ball around the plants surface. As you proceed around the provided path you will be guided to different spots within the map that exposes you to the various tricks and stunts the armadillo can perform in order to accomplish different goals. Some of these skills include a blast move that permits you to break up certain objects in your way, or a charged jump that allows you to collide with enemies or objects that are high above you. Both of which moves are key to gaining access to different areas and defeating challenging enemies. As you progress through the stages you will come across planets that become more and more difficult to pass. You will be presented with different puzzles, obstacles and time limits that will cause you to have to react quickly and wisely in order to advance thru the game.

Again the controls are very smooth and responsive. There are various plant conditions that can alter the way in which Armillo responds to direction. For instance you may at first find it difficult and frustrating maneuvering on an ice terrain. However once you get the hang of it you will adjust and be able to move quickly through those areas as well.

The visual aspects and sounds of the game are very appealing and pleasing to the senses. The bright colors combine with the charming music is a great combination to allow you to relax and engage in the game. The differing planets you come across in the journey are all colorful and well thought out as to how your interaction with the environment changes depending on the planet you are on.

Extended playing options are a great plus in Armillo. Outside of the main storyline which is fun enough by itself, you are also provided with some great challenges in between your main game that also help you build your characters strengths and advance the storyline in certain areas.

Replayability is key. At the end of each round of the game, if you succeed in completing the level, you are awarded points based on you time, performance, and discovery of hidden elements of each stage. While you may have a decent enough score in order be considered as passing each level, you can always return to each stage to aim for an ever higher more fulfilling score if you just are satisfied with your performance. So while you can run through and complete the game fairly quickly you may have missed out on some perks and hidden gems along the way so go back and explore, get those high scores.

Overall I found this game to be highly enjoyable and see myself replaying the entire game and individual stages over and over again. In fact I even exposed my beloved 5 year old gamer to it and he also has been hooked and picks it up to run through some stages as well.

My recommendation for Armillo, based on Confident Gamer’s very own rating system is …Grab It? Buy the Game. We strongly feel this is a game that all WiiU owners should have in their collection and know you will be returning to play it often.

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Confident Gamers was provided with a copy of Armillo for Nintendo WiiU in order to provide you fine readers with a review and we hope you were inspired and encouraged to play the game as much as we were.