Antlion Audio Announces ModMic XLR

Do you have a favorite pair of headphones, but wished you had a high quality mic to go along with them? Then ModMic might just be what you are looking for and more.

Makers Antlion Audio, has listened to the worries of streamers and gamers alike and introduced the ModMic. The ModMic is an audio solution set up, where an attachable boom mic is paired with your best, favorite headphones. The ModMic is perfect for gaming, streaming, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

The ModMic 5, the newest rendition, offers an all in one solution to flexibility and performance. The mic offers the choice, by way of a single flip of a switch, between noise-canceling (uni-directional) and studio recording modes (omni-directional). The ModMic 5 set up features:

  • Innovative dual mic capsule for recording flexibility
  • Modular cable system: pick the right length for you
  • Cable wrap to protect your wires
  • Includes the Antlion mute module

Antlion Audio has now made the ModMic system even better with the new XLR compatibility. This would allow for users to use 48v mixers and audio interfaces with the ModMic.

The Antlion XLR Power Converter allow for safe usage with standard 48v 3-pin XLR phantom power sources on mixers and audio interfaces. With the  ModMic 5 and XLR Power Converter, it will provide options for users to produce broadcast quality sound, without the hassle, bulk, and cost of a desktop mic with shock mount.

“Antlion Audio believes that streamers and casters should not be tied to their desk or have their face blocked by a giant pop filter. With the introduction of the XLR Power Converter and the use of the ModMic 5, voice quality will be consistently fantastic.” – Elishaya Wisnievitz, CEO of Antlion Audio

XLR Power Converter Features

  • Mixers + ModMics: Safely converts 3-pin 48v phantom power to 5v plugin power from any standard mixer or audio Interface.
  • Mic Compatibility: Works with all wired ModMic products. For best results, the dual microphones of the ModMic 5 give maximum flexibility.
  • Proximity Compensator: Antlion’s unique Proximity Compensator adjusts for the increase in low frequency as the mic nears the audio source, delivering natural vocals.

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The new XLR Power Converter is currently available for the price of $24.95 from the Antlion Audio online store at, as well as Amazon at

A special ModMic 5 + XLR Bundle is available for $89.95. For a full list of retailers visit:


Source: PR