Jotun Tame the Wild

Another Boss Revealed for Jotun: Tame the Wild

The team Gods and Goddess of Jotun continue grow and become more fierce and their latest introduction certainly needs to be recognized.

We are pleased to introduce you to Jera, the Nature Jotun


Height: 70 ft
Weight: 100,000 lbs , made of branches and leaves Hair: Verdant bushes
Eyes: Pink


Jotunheim, the realm of forests.


The endless wilderness of Jotunheim hides a secret. Deep in the dark green forests, Jera, the unmerciful Nature Jotun blooms, spreading life and death through the world.

Boss Moves

  • Nature’s Fury: Jera uses her giant trunk-like arms to smash her foes with titanic
  • Strength and unbelievable reach
  • Root Tentacles: Dozens root tentacles come to life and attack Jera’s opponents. Death Cloud: One of her deadliest attacks, Jera produces a cloud of poison gas,
  • Dealing tons of damage over time.