Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

Have you ever wanted that one special gift at Christmas or your birthday? You dream and plan everything you were going to do with it. You count down every second till the finally at least the glorious day arrives! You open your gift, your eyes light up, you are in heaven! It’s exactly what you wanted! Yea, Aliens: Colonial Marines is NOTHING LIKE THAT!

Hey Gearbox or whomever developed this game, I want my time back! Congratulations, you have made Aliens, a game I was so excited for, a game I wanted to own, an utter disappointment.

Hey this is how excited I was for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Okay, you got the picture.


When I first heard that Gearbox was going to be a part of the newest installment of Aliens’ game, I was so excited. I just finished Borderlands 2 and had a major blast. Sure, Aliens: Colonial Marines is not supposed to be like Borderlands 2, but come on, the same chef was involved. Oh, it also didn’t help that I loved the Alien Saga and the idea of this game being a sort of sequel to the 1986 Aliens movie, I was onboard.

Here’s a quick snippet of Aliens: Colonial Marines:

A true continuation to James Cameron’s film ALIENS, the story of ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES takes place after the events of the second film. In ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES, players are part of a U.S. Colonial Marine squad and must prepare to face an alien assault, more intense and horrific than ever before. Driven by a compelling and original story, ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES retains the atmospheric look and feel of the original films while creating an entirely new interactive ALIENS experience. For more information on ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES, visit

Okay let’s begin. So what did the game do right and wrong? Let’s start with the right, it’s the shorter of the list.

Right off the bat, the atmosphere was spot on. If you’ve seen the Alien movie, then you’ll see those iconic interior settings in the game. And they look great. You feel like the walls are going to start moving because a xenomorph was perfectly camouflaged in there. You feel closed in and that feeling of imminent dread is in the back of your throat.


Also, that tell tale “ping” of your motion tracker is perfect. Every time you pull out your tracker and you hear that ping, you immediately stop and start scanning your vicinity as you prepare to fight. You start looking for any movement on the ground, out in front of you, on the walls, or on the ceilings.

And that’s where the fun stops! Time for the bad. While Aliens: Colonial Marines isn’t the worst first person shooter, Duke Nukem Forever might hold that title, and it’s not the best first person shooter, as a fps, it’s just, eh. Yeah, luke warm blah. Remember how I said that one of the things I liked about the was the closed in feelings you get sometimes? Well, that is totally taken away because oh my goodness you are well equipped. You are pretty much a super solider with weapons at your disposal. Also, a game can really suffer if the thing/things you are supposed to be fearing is just dumb. This game has taken the Alien xenomorphs, a very scary creature, and dumbed it down. The xenomorphs’ A.I. is so bad that you can pretty much just walk thru stage pulling trigger as they run towards you in a line dying. There are also humans you go up against, but they also suffer from the same sickness the xenomorphs have.

So if all that’s not bad enough, the game is plagued with bugs. There are times you’ll be behind cover and would die from a super bullet with out warning. Or a xenomorph would die and its body would be left floating in the air.

Look, I’m going to cut this review short by just saying, yeah, Aliens: Colonial Marines IS just that bad! Period! Avoid this one.


Got it as a gift, go trade it in somewhere and get you a game that’s not going to waste your time!

So the game has been out for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC for a good minute now, since February. But what about the Wii U? Well Nintendo Wii U owners, you thought you would have considered yourself lucky this time for not geting this pile. Not!  Aliens: Colonial Marines is still some what set to show it’s face on the Wii U sometime at the end of the month. Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford, in an interview with GameSpot simply stated,

“We’ll see,” … “That’s not our call. I think did amazing work. I think it’s really cool, but Sega’s got to figure that out,” he added. “We’re doing the best we can.”

It’s also good to mention that it has been stated that the Wii U version of the game would be the best version. I feel that’s like saying, hey taste this. It’s the best tasting sewer water juice. Yum!


Anyway, all this to say, avoid this game! It’s bad! It’s a waste of money!


We give, Aliens: Colonial Marines Review







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