Albert & Otto is now Episodic

The latest press release from K Bros Games, the team behind Albert & Otto, announced recently that the game will now be released as an Episodic experience rather that one large game.

The first episode of Albert & Otto will be released for just $4.99 on October 28th for Windows and OSX and will be made available via Steam, Humble Store, and as the first in four chapters, with each chapter adding new mechanics to open up fresh experiences for the returning player.


Albert & Otto is a story about a boy and his abducted sister’s magical bunny. They embark on a journey to find her, overcoming murderous beasts and lethal puzzles by working together. Although Albert & Otto at first seems like a journey to save the damsel in distress, it is anything but. We soon learn that our hero might be hiding something from us, or rather, himself.

The player must use both Albert and Otto in creative ways to traverse a haunting world. At the beginning of the story, Albert can shoot and jump, while Otto can fit through tight gaps and hold down power switches. But together, they unlock new skills such as a double jump, which is only available when Otto is in Albert’s bag, levitation, control of electrical currents, and more as the story unfolds.


Albert & Otto is a cinematic experience that delivers its narrative through story-driven gameplay, and is based on little-known events from our history. Each episode will release at $4.99 each episode spanning approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

Each chapter can be enjoyed on their own, but together they reveal the twists and turns of Albert & Otto’s journey. New powers and abilities are introduced in each chapter, opening up the grim world in new ways as the player uncovers the truth behind his sister’s abduction.

Why was his sister taken? Why does she keep appearing to Albert in feverish visions? Why is she telling him to stop looking for her? Why is everything so damn gray? All will be revealed in time.

You can see the latest game trailer here.