Age of Ships

Are you ready to command your fleets to conquer the world? Then Age of Ships is the game for you!

What is Age of Ships?  Age of Ships is an action-packed naval combat game from Happy Universe that was recently launched for iOS devices.

From fast destroyers to destructive battleships, build your own fleet and lead your empire to victory! Send your fleet off to conquer enemy territories, gain experience and climb the ranks in Age of Ships. Battle against players around the world and establish legions to conquer the world!

Set in an alternate pre-World War II history in which fascists rule the world, Age of Ships begins with players losing all but one small boat in a first battle.  Gamers must then establish a base and rebuild their armada to fight their foes at sea.

  • Conquer the world in campaign mode or battle other players worldwide and take their equipment
  • Join or create Legions with other players
  • Build and raise a fleet of more than 200 historical warships including Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers and other ships throughout history
  • Enjoy deep customization features with near endless combinations of fleet formations, weapons, radars, armors and engines
  • Climb Leaderboards with multiple classifying systems

Age of Ships is available now in the iOS App Store and Android App store.


Source: Press Release