A Look at Yorbie for Playstation 4

Let us take you through the non-stop action game that is … Yorbie.

We first heard about Yorbie last fall while Happy Dance Games were busy wrapping up the development of the game and getting some great marketing out to announce the Spring 2015 release. Late March, Confident Gamers got our chance to play the game and now we want to share with you what we thought.

The storyline behind Yorbie is that some very dark times were hitting the 18 colonies of the Yorbie Collective. The evil Dr. Zox has infiltrated Yorbia Prime, banishing the supposedly all-powerful Guardians while enslaving the remaining inhabitants. The future of bot-kind now rests on the shoulders of Yorbie, an unlikely hero who was once shunned for his wild antics and disobedience of authority. Armed with nothing but his half-cocked wit and a hell of a lot of firepower, Yorbie is going to get some payback. In the game you will get to play as Yorbie and fight your way through an all-out bot onslaught that includes some boss battles.

The game starts off with a bit of a tutorial so you can get comfortable with the controls which are pretty basic. You will use the trigger button to shot. Being a top down shooter game you do not have to be concerned about using your right thumb stick to look around so you use that instead to select your targets to allow for more accurate shooting, without it you are just spraying bulletins and praying. Jumping with X and breaking up boxes for in game currency with square button. You change out your primary weapon with the cross hairs. We will get to weapon upgrades shortly.


Honestly getting used to the movement of the character and accepting its … quarks will take some getting used to. At first everything seems pretty normal, moving around feels pretty responsive and quick. It is not until jumping comes into play where you will notice some extreme lightness to it. What I mean by that is the character doesn’t have much weight to him making jumping across platforms feels a little unresolved. As you progress through the game you will encounter areas where jumping across platforms means life or death and when there is no weight to the character to guide you on who far or near you are jumping it can become frustrating. Also if you are playing in multiplayer mode the camera has to adjust to accommodate all of the players naturally which creates some unplayable camera angles where jumping to a platform at an angle can take an extremely long time for all the players to successfully make it across.

Fighting the onslaught of bots coming at you is pretty easy once you accept and utilize your aiming feature. You may notice at times that your target may actual change on your occasionally without your command, but that wasn’t as annoying to me as the jumping issues so I got over that. The enemy AI does show some intelligence as they maneuver their way around the stage. Some of them actually move around, duck and cover and don’t just stand there waiting for you to kill them. They also can at times form circles around you boxing you in.


The stages itself sometimes are working against you with some floors that will either sink and disappear or if you stand on them too long you will suddenly burn up and die. There are also areas with some toxic gases that will quickly kill you if you stand in that area too long. That was fun getting through those areas.

As I mentioned earlier the game has a few weapon upgrade options. You start out with a standard plasma pistol. The in game currency I mentioned earlier you will collect as you destroy the crates that are around the stages. You use that currency to purchase additional weapons and apply some additional enhancements to your weapons. You will get to upgrade your weapons and enhance them with stacking bonuses to suit your playing style. You try out as many combinations as you like with the ability to re-customize weapons at any time in the weapon store.

We did encounter a few glitches during our game play that caused us to have to restart the current level completely. At one point there is an area that requires you to hit two switches to raise a platform you need to go on. We discovered the hard way that if all the players don’t make it to the platform at the same time you can’t proceed. The platform raised just slightly one two out of three of us were on. It raised just right out of the third players jumping range and there were no platforms around that could be used to jump across to. Even when we all jumped off, hoping it would lower again it just stayed up there and we were all screwed.


My other glitch experience was in a room where as we progressed from room to room we were slowing becoming more effected by radiation poison. The first area affected us by removing our ability to jump. The second area reversed our left and right movements. That was fun and unique trying to adjust our brains so we could simple walk from one end to the other. But at the end of the room was a switch that activated some moving spike obstacles that will make walking back even more challenging. We enjoyed this new adventure and moved forward waiting to see if we could all make it back when the glitches started. One of us died and respawned at the start of the line but the spawn point for some reason when set inside of a energy field that prohibited them to exit the hole. Slowly as we all died because we could not proceed past a point because of that one lone trapped person we all ended up dying and joining them in the hold of dark loneliness. We restarted the stage got to that same spot and it happened again, so we took a break.

Overall Yorbie is a pretty fun game to play with a few people or just toy around with when you have time.

  • Game Name: Yorbie
  • Developer: Happy Dance Games
  • Platform: Playstation 4
  • Release Date: Out Now, March 24, 2015
  • Price: $9.99