A Look at Mr. Nibbles Forever

Today we spent quite a bit of time toying around with Mr. Nibbles Forever on iOS and we felt like sharing our experience with you.

Out now on iOS and Android platforms Mr. Nibbles is a great 2D puzzle game that will provide hours of fun.


In Mr. Nibbles Forever, our little hamster friend Mr Nibbles dreams of becoming the first hamster in space. Your job is help him fulfill this dream.


The game was developed in a way that allows you to use unique tilt-and-tap controls to help him to first escape from his cage prison and then navigate the perilous backyard before you have the chance to blast off into space. Along the way you can collect nibbles and must do you best to avoid spiders in this challenging platformer.

Mr Nibbles 1

The game is constantly progressing forward, you just control how fast the little guy is moving. To zoom through you must tilt your phone to the right. Depending on the suit you are wearing you may turn in a ball and roll or perform other suit specific moves. Be cautious though as the faster you move the harder he is to control. You will also need to jump. Jump to pick up collectible nibbles or jump to maneuver above and around obstacles. There are also enemies, these purple web spinning spiders that will spin you into cozy ball of death.

In between rounds you have chance to Collect A Gift, Win A Prize or do the daily challenge. The win a prize option is a Spin wheel where you play for the chance to win power ups and new outfits with unique graphics, effects and sounds. So far I don’t see any advantage to gameplay when using the different suits but the power ups do improve your chances.


Mr. Nibbles Forever is a very colorful and vibrant game. Each of the various stages has varying color combinations that really add some character all of their own. The different enemies you come across also have a unique appeal to them.

Mr. Nibbles 2


This game was certainly designed with the idea of playing it over and over again. With all the various challenges and ability to get further and further distances you will have plenty of opportunity to keep coming back and aiming for higher goals.


We certainly recommend that you try out this free to download, free to play game today. There are some in-app purchase that you can make but none of which are required for an enjoyable experience. If you are ready to check it out now, head over to these locations to get the game for free. Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store, Amazon & Windows Stores Coming Soon.

source: photos and game recommendation from Eric Shrimp press kit for Mr. Nibbles Forever.