A Different Experience with Press X to Not Die

Okay we have to admit, we had a great time playing Press X to Not Die this week and will probably have our friends over to have them play also.

A quick game live-action game that will have you laughing and will never forget.

All Seeing Eye Games recently shared that their new title, Press X to Not Die, an over-the-top live-action interactive movie is available now for Xbox 360 and coming to Steam in October 2015.


In Press X to Not Die, you the player must fight for survival in a city that has gone mad while finding themselves imbued with incredible new reflexes that make complex actions as simple as pressing… a button.  Press X to Not Die is a video game in which life has literally become a video game.


This meta action-comedy FMV game embraces the absurdity of modern game mechanics by transforming every action from fighting off enemies to putting on your jacket into a pulse-pounding time-critical button prompt quick time event.  The player must use their new skills to survive the streets, escape the city, and uncover the secrets behind the madness in a branching storyline that reflects their choices.

You are mostly following along with the story as the characters living out this bizzare experience. Occasionally you are the player get to interact and your choices effect the outcome of the characters. You must either chose a verbal response to a given situation or react timely by pushing a provided button prompt. Your delay will result in death or injury so think fast.


Okay so to be honest it is extremely cheesy at times and the acting could be better but I truly believe that all of this is how they wanted it to be. The whole experience has this corkiness to it that makes it just that more enjoyable and laughable. What I really enjoyed was the realism to the different locations. It certainly wasn’t a staged scene that was pristine and clean. You have locations and settings that are just real. It makes it feel like these are locations of your every day life and not the sterile clean look that most movies give you.


It is a really quick game and a fun experience. Like I mentioned, certainly something you can experience with your friends for a great laugh. You can also replay the game at multiple difficulty levels to get a more full experience. The varying difficulty levels ranges in the intensity of button pressing reflexes … how quickly can you respond to the command.


For the low price of $2.99 we certainly recommend you give this game a try. It is a really fun experience, you will laugh and i bet you will want to make fun of your friends playing it also.


Some of the Key Features of this experience include:

  • Over 30 minutes of live-action footage in HD.
  • A Dynamic Dialogue system that constructs key spoken sentences on the fly to reflect your actions and performance, providing for an unprecedentedly dynamic experience in an interactive movie.
  • “1994 Mode” re-renders the game as it would have looked during the golden age of interactive movies.
  • Multiple difficulty levels to test even the most skilled button pressers.
  • Online score system to share your high score and the choices you made with the world.

Game Designer Darren Joe says, “Interactive movies died an unjust death in the 1990s thanks to a glut of poorly-executed titles and never had a chance to realize their full potential.  We want to embrace the inherent camp of the genre while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with it.”

Press X to Not Die is available now for download on Xbox 360 for just $2.99 and is coming to Steam in October 2015 after its successful Steam Greenlight campaign in August.

Source/Disclosure: we were provided with a copy of the game in order to provide you fine folks with our opinion and review. The words expressed here are from our own experience and details provided in the press kit.
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