51 ways to Smash…Choose One!

WARNING: Welcome to the confidential area of “Smash 51”. What you are about to see may be considered top secret or spoiler worthy considering it features characters who will not be readily available when you pop in your Smash Bros. Wii U disc.

Venture on at your risk, which I might add, is quite minimal. This coming from someone who absolutely hates spoilers, but this one is not that bad. In fact, it’s AWESOME!

Recently GameXplain posted on their YouTube channel all 51 Final Smashes for Smash Bros Wii U. We are fans of GameXplain and we thank them greatly for posting this great video. Of course, with Mewtwo coming later as DLC, this isn’t technically “all”, but 51 isn’t bad. With that being said, take a few minutes to not only experience the wonderful world of final smashes, but also to let us know if you agree or disagree with the following observations and add your own input.


Only a handful of special fighters can enter this section of Smash 51. After watching that video below, these are clearly the most badass final smashes of the game in my humble opinion.

IKE – (my absolute favorite)

LINK – (been a victim of this one plenty of times thanks to CG’s own Sil3ntX)

BRAWLER MII – (did you see that? No seriously, that’s ridiculous!)

SAMUS – (how good is your aim?)

MEGAMAN – (Awesome, period!)

PACMAN – (Wait, just stop, and imagine this final smash with 8 players on screen! TOP SCORE?)

GRENINJA – (I can dig it)




Meh…these final smashes left me very uninspired. I would need to see a competitive pro Smash player show me how to effectively use these terrible final smashes in order to change my opinion of them.

ROSALINA – (I’m almost ashamed the developers allowed this one. I can just hang out on the edge to avoid this one.)

PEACH – (“Wake me up” if you come up with a great benefit for this one.)

JIGGLYPUFF – (Boring!)

SWORD MII – (This hurts the most. So uninspiring. So bland. So not badass like the Brawler counterpart. They could have done better.)

LUIGI – (This dude always gets shafted in some way, and this final smash just isn’t “scary” at all.)




I’m not really a fan of the “clone” final smashes. For instance, Link and Toon Link, Fox and Falco, and Marth and Lucina all share the same exact final smash. I cant really fault Zelda and Sheik for having the same exact smash because they just became separate characters and they are technically the same person. On the other hand, Samus and Zero Suit Samus are also the same person who have been made as separate characters for the first time, yet they have different final smashes.

Gannon and Captain Falcon share similar moves sets, yet their final smashes differed greatly, which is a tactic they could have applied to the above similar characters. I guess a benefit of the doubt I could insert here is that those 2 characters are not from the same gaming series. That’s all I got. Meanwhile, other characters share similar “style” of final smash. In the end, none of this is a real deal breaker for me, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this game regardless. I’m just not a fan.



What do you think? Who did I snub in the badass section? Who should be added or removed to the kiddie section? Are the clone wars that big of a deal to you? Enjoy the video first and then let us hear from you.


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