#3 Including Your Partner in the Experience

We’ve been sharing over the past couple of days different ways to have a relationship and still be a gamer. One issue I’ve come across in my time as a gamer is not so much the amount of time spent gaming but the level of attempt to engage their love in their gaming experience.

While not everyone can be a gamer it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a good story. Thankfully many games today are no longer about the action but also includes a great storyline. I can’t tell you the amount of times of family and friends would come across us playing a game and think that we were watching a movie instead.

Find a game that finds your genre and has a good story to it and play while they watch you. If it’s a good fit soon enough they will be enjoying the experience and interacting with you, finding clues and giving you advice.

Good times to be had.

This post is part of a seven post series on the possibility of having true love while being a gamer.

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