A Quick Impression of 20XX

Are you looking for a roguelike game like Mega Man X? Then we recommend you check out 20XX that is now available for early release on Steam.

Developed by Batterystaple Games, 20XX sets out to be a co-op-friendly roguelike that plays like Mega Man X. Batterystaple Games started making 20XX in the middle of 2013. Chris King the games programmer, designer,  and creator is a huge fan of the Mega Man X series, and he wanted to reimagine a modern version of the game with procedural, roguelike gameplay and multiplayer co-op. The result was the (then named) Echoes of Eridu, which had a successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2014. After renaming the game 20XX, CK joined the Fire Hose Games accelerator program in late 2014, and is now on track to launch in this year!

As of right now during the early release phase what we have available to us there is no real storyline to the game. You are provided with procedurally generated levels which you can play on normal or casual mode. It is nice to have a different experience each time you play. It keeps it fresh and new each time. You also have different areas to further test yourself with daily and weekly challenges.

The gameplay experience is pretty straight forward, your standard platformer with a bit of flare. Jumping from ledge to ledge with many different obstacles in your way. You are provided with several abilities to help you make your way around like a jump boost, it is your job to figure out what perk would be the best option for any given situation. I was actually really impressed and comfortable with the controls and the way that characters(s) responded.

The graphics are also pretty smooth and well designed. There have been many comparisons to this game and Mega Man. One area it certainly comes close is the graphics. While it has a modern appeal there are certainly some nostalgic details to the stages and character design. It’s a nice balance to catch the attention of gamers both old and new.

Overall Impression of 20XX

We are really enjoying what we are seeing so far. While there are spots for improvement around, overall the game works well and has the potential of providing hours of fun with the always changing stages and multiple game modes. With the opportunity to collect new weapons and abilities, purchase upgrades, and battle mighty bosses it will certainly prove to be a challenge worth playing for may gamers alike.