Halo 5 Guardians Opening Cinematic

August 31, 2015 0

Full steam ahead on the hype train as the Halo 5 Guardians Opening Cinematic drops on BuzzFeed. After watching this, know this, the hype, yeah, IT’S REAL! Watch and know that you must own and play … read more

matchablock review
Indie Game

MatchABlocks iOS Review

August 31, 2015 0

Simple. Easier to Learn. Difficult to Master. This is how I would describe MatchABlock which is out now for iOS and Android. Out now and free to play MatchABlock is a first in a series of … read more


Fire Ungh’s Quest Review

August 27, 2015 0

While I throughly enjoy playing a good puzzle game, I have to admit that Fire Ungh’s Quest through me for a loop. FIRE is an exploration-adventure with intuitive puzzle design. Without losing many words it … read more


Until Dawn First Impressions

August 26, 2015 0

From the first time we saw the trailer for the Playstation exclusive Until Dawn, we were very interested. Now we have played for a couple hours and would like to give our Until Dawn First … read more

Event Coverage

A Look Into Intervention Convention

August 25, 2015 0

Ever wanted to know what went into running a convention from start to finish? So do we and Oni Hartstein of Intervention Convention and (Re)Generation Who was kind enough to take the time to answer … read more


Rocket League Review

August 25, 2015 0

Rocket powered cars playing football, or soccer depending on where you’re from, what could be any better? How about hitting that turbo boost and demolishing an opponent on impact? Good because Psyonix’s has done it … read more


Returning Back to Gears of War

August 24, 2015 0

With the remastered release of Gears of War about to happen on Tuesday the 25th, Gamespot had a great video piece of all about why it’s great Returning Back to Gears of War and how … read more

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